Compassionate Presence for those at End of Life

Esoteric Insights and Tools for the Caregiver

Sliding scale:  $90 per 90 minute session. Offered upon request.


Two or three 90 minute sessions provide esoteric insight in to what occurs when the physical body begins to shut down in order to release the soul in to the Light. This is a birthing process into the non-physical world, a returning to that from which we came before birth.  It can be helpful to observe changes in the physical body and comments from the transitioning person that indicate where they are in the dying process. 


Learn to be a compassionate, listening presence.


Please contact Marilyn if you are interested in this on-line workshop or one on one consultation.

Resources on this topic.


End of Life Educational Materials ~ Barbara Karnes, R.N.


Demystifying Death ~ File Fredericks (YouTube video)


The Significance of Death ~ Discourses by Meher Baba (Pages 51 - 57)


Death and Immortality ~ Listen, Humanity by Meher Baba (Pages 93-115)


The Circle of Life and Death, A Spiritual Guide for Living and Dying Well ~
Lawrence Karrasch with Rita Karrasch


No Pressure. No Diamonds: Mining for Gifts in Illness and Loss - Teri A. Dillion 


Men in White Apparel: Revelations About Death and the Life after Death ~ Ann Ree Colton 


The Mystery of Death & Dying: Initiation at the Moment of Death ~ Earlyne Chaney 


Death: The Great Adventure ~ Alice A. Bailey


Taking Charge of One's Process of Dying ~ Jose Triguerinho (Scroll down to the topic), or use direct links for each talk here:

1. Taking Charge of One's Process of Dying - 1

What we call death is really a transformation and a change of dimension for which we can prepare oursevlaes serenely.


2. Taking Charge of One's Process of Dying - 2

A soul discarnates gradually. This letting go can be eery harmonious.


3. Taking Charge of One's Process of Dying - 3
After death, the soul enters a new state of consciousness which will depend on the kind of life that was lived.


A Touching Good-Bye: The Gentle Use of Jin Shin Jyutsu At Times of Critical Illness and Death ~ Judith B. Andry


Threshold Choir - The choir bring songs of comfort to the dying.


Esoteric Insight on Life Before Birth ~ Marilyn Buehler
Esoteric thought on the soul's experience prior to birth and
the formation of the physical body.