Spiritual Direction

Sacred Listening to Support Your Unique Inner Journey

Sliding scale: 1 hour private session: $45 to $125

Spiritual direction, or spiritual companionship, is an opportunity for you to explore your unique inner journey.  Tend to the awareness of the sacred in your life and to how you are being prompted to express that sacredness.
As a spiritual director, Marilyn provides a contemplative listening presence, reflects, and invites questions to deepen your awareness of the sacred. 

Marilyn is certified as a Spiritual Director through the Franciscan Spiritual Center.


She is member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI).  To learn more about spiritual direction, visit the SDI website.

What Spiritual Direction Is Not


• Counseling.
• Therapy.
• Financial or legal advice.

What are You Looking For?


• If you are interested in learning about the beliefs, observances, and texts of a religion because you want to know more or seek to more fully identify with that faith community, you are seeking religious education or formation.

• If you want to relieve your anxieties and learn how to understand and deal with their causes, you are seeking psychotherapy.

• If you want insight into how the wisdom of religious tradition might help you understand and respond to your problems, you are seeking pastoral counseling.

• If you wish to deepen your relationship with God so that you can recognize how God’s spirit might be calling you and moving in your life, you are seeking spiritual guidance [spiritual direction].


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"Spiritual progress consists in the spontaneous growth of understanding from within."  From Meher Baba's Discourses 7th ed, pp. 347-348

If you are interested a free Zoom session to learn more about spiritual direction, please contact Marilyn.