Lost Years of Jesus

Discussion Group offered upon request

If this topic interests you, please contact Marilyn.


Based upon interest, this potential discussion group will explore the 'lost years of Jesus"--the unaccounted years of the life of Jesus Christ, between the age of 12 and 30.

This documentary addresses the 18 missing years in the life of Jesus.  Records found in an ancient Tibetan lamasery and other sources complete the picture of those formative years in the life of Christ.


The Lost Years of Jesus - Saint Issa

This book by Nicolas Notovich contains his story of seeing the manuscript aboout St. Issa in the Tibetan lamasery in the 1890's.


The Unknown Life of Jesus

Dr. James Newell explores the life and legacy of Jesus Christ as viewed through the lens of Meher Baba’s statements and teachings.


Who was Jesus of Nazareth