by Rev. Marilyn Buehler, M.Div.

Establishing a Meditation Practice
This article provides guidance to those wishing to have a regular meditation practice and is primarily about “passive” meditation.
Establishing a Meditation Practice PDF.p[...]
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Mantra Yoga Using Meher Baba's Words
A brief exploration of the practice of praying with beads in the world’s contemplative traditions, and an invitation for a rosary practice based on Meher Baba’s words.
Meher Baba Rosary Article 5 13 2022.pdf
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The History of Spiritual Direction in the Christian Tradition
Christian Spiritual Direction: How it came to be and what it is today.
History of Spiritual Direction.pdf
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Spirituality in Education ~ Training of the New Humanity
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Spiritual Care in the Hospital Setting
February 15, 2007; abstract of Marilyn's master's thesis. Contact Marilyn to learn more about her thesis.
Spiritual Care in the Hospital Setting.p[...]
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Marriage of Spirit
Reconciliation of Opposites. Clearing the shadow and transcending duality.
Marriage of Spirit presentation.pdf
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Nothing Is Real But God
Personal transformation with Meher Baba.
1-Tranformation with Baba 5 6 2004U.pdf
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Loving God in Daily Life
Sermon based on Meher Baba's statements on How to Love God.
Loving God in Daily Life.pdf
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Esoteric Insight on Life Before Birth
Esoteric thought on the soul's experience prior to birth and
the formation of the physical body.
Life BEFORE birth.pdf
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Offering Prayer for Others
A paper written in 2002 for Clinical Pastoral Education at UC Davis Medical Center.
offering prayer for the healing of other[...]
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Virtues: Facets of the Soul
6-Building the facets of the soul.pdf
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Cultivating Discrimination to Live an Ethical Life
Ethics paper 5 8 2004 - PDF.pdf
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Caretaking the Temple: Healing as Part of the Early Christian Life
Healing Paper - PDF.pdf
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