Guided Contemplative Meditation and Reflection

Harmony for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Individual or small group guided meditations offered upon request.

Marilyn will facilitate an on-line guided contemplative meditation focused on a virtue.  Virtues are linked to our health, healing, and expansion of consciousness. 


Focusing on a virtue invokes the qualities of that virtue into our life, opens our hearts, and helps us to be receptive to our higher intuitive mind. 

To learn more about Virtues, read Marilyn's article:

Virtues: Building Facets of the Soul

"A soul quality clearly expressed is drawn into the personality and flows without distortion through one’s consciousness into the physical world. This ability to bring a soul quality into the personality is called “building a virtue or facet of the soul.” 


Carol E. Parrish-Harra, Ph.D., The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought, Expanded 2nd ed. (Tahlequah, OK.: Sparrow Hawk Press, 2002), 314.

To request a guided meditation, please contact Marilyn.