Awakening to the Inner Life

Virtual meetings for those who want to know more about Meher Baba’s life and teachings.

These meetings will be scheduled when there is enough interest. Please contact Marilyn to learn more.  

 “I have come not to teach but to awaken."  Meher Baba


All are welcome to explore new insights regarding the inner journey of Self-discovery as presented in Meher Baba’s cosmology, mysticism, and practical explanations on the journey of the soul and the purpose of life.

This meeting is primarily for those new to Meher Baba. The focus will be on topics relevant and meaningful to those who attend.  The intent is not to supplant anyone's convictions or beliefs, but to open new vistas to ponder. 

Meher Baba embraces the traditional paths of knowledge, action, and devotion, and presents a vast array of new explanations, cosmology, along with mystical, esoteric, and practical guidance for your unique spiritual quest.  We can learn from personal stories of those who met Meher Baba and access online resources by and about Meher Baba for study.

Messages from Meher Baba

Videos of Meher Baba

Contact Marilyn to learn about Meher Baba.