Spiritual Topics Study Group

This on-line group will generally meet monthly to explore and discuss various spiritual topics. Meeting dates vary, please check back for the updated schedule and topics throughout the year.

Christianity as a Transformational Process

Wednesdays, February 8th and March 8th at 6:30 pm Pacific

For our Febuary and March meetings, Marilyn will share the audio recording of a presentation called "Christianity as a Transformational Process" given by Rev. Carol Parrish, PhD.  This talk was recorded in 2010 when Rev. Carol visited Sacramento. Rev. Carol was the founder of the Sancta Sophia Seminary, where Marilyn was ordained an Esoteric Christian Minister and earned my Master's in Divinity. 


We will listen to the 90-minute presentation over the two sessions in February and March, about 45 minutes each session. 


Are you seeking a deeper, understanding of Christianity? 


Excerpt from Carol's talk:


"What do we mean when we say we are a Christian? In today’s society, it means, sometimes, a particular denomination or a particular approach. I want you to know from the esoteric point of view, that is not really what it means. It means that we want the Christ Presence with us to evolve and lead the way."


After listening to audio, we will discuss how we were touched and what we each found of meaning.  I will end with a brief meditation.

Please contact Marilyn if you are interested in attending this study group.

A $5 offering is welcome, but not required.

Payment can be made by check of Zelle.