Meher Baba's Message of Divine Love

If you or a small group would like to learn about Meher Baba's life and message of divine love, please contact Marilyn.


Marilyn has been a follower of Meher Baba since 1973. She continues to study His writings, and strives to be a spiritual worker in various capacities to live Meher Baba's message of love and truth.  Meher Baba's teachings inform Marilyn's understanding and experience of all religions and spiritual traditions.

Meher Baba lived in India from 1894 to 1969. He observed silence from 1925 until his passing in 1969.  He stated, “You have asked for and have been given enough words—it is now time to live them”.

"I have come to sow the seed of love in your hearts, so that, in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of oneness, is brought about amongst all the nations, creeds, sects and castes of the world."  Meher Baba

"I have not come to establish any cult, society or organization; nor even to establish a new religion. The religion that I shall give teaches the knowledge of the one behind the many. The book that I shall make people read is the book of the heart that holds the key to the mystery of life”  Meher Baba 

"Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God."  Meher Baba

"To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance, and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others, by expressing in the world of forms truth, love, purity and beauty — this is the sole game which has any intrinsic and absolute worth.  All other happenings, incidents and attainments in themselves can have no lasting importance."     Meher Baba