Meditation: Turning Within

Tips for Your Meditation Practice

If you are interested in personal instruction, contact Marilyn.


A daily practice of meditation cultivates Self-awareness, inner peace and contentment.  It also improves your ability to focus on what’s happening in the present, without being so distracted about what has happened in the past, or what will happen in the future. People who meditate find they are calmer and better able to focus.  


Marilyn has been practicing meditation since 1971, and teaching meditation since 1976.  She has studied and practiced a variety of meditation techniques and shares from her personal experience of this lifetime of spiritual exploration and Self-discovery.


Please contact Marilyn if you would like personal guidance.

Establishing a Meditation Practice. A two-hour session for both beginners and experienced meditators. Explore of several methods of "passive" meditation, in order to:

  • Learn to relax and regenerate your energy.
  • Learn simple guidelines for establishing a daily meditation practice.

Sliding scale:  $50 - $80


Cultivating the Inner Life. This two-hour session is an opportunity to address challenges with your meditation practice and to explore a variety of simple, practices that can be integrated into your daily life to support your unique spiritual journey.


This session explores "active" meditation, in which one intently focuses and expands on the meaning of a word, phrase, or sacred reading. 


Learn to:

  • Build the connection to the higher and intuituive mind.
  • Increase your awareness of "inner knowing" and wisdom.
  • Express greater beauty in your daily life.

Sliding scale:  $50 - $80


Spiritual Direction. Private sessions to explore your questions, and to support for your daily practices to cultivate your inner life.  


Sliding scale:   Private session  (50 minutes): $55 to $95


Please contact Marilyn if you would like personal guidance, or to attend a virtual monthly group meditation.

"Only in complete internal silence is Truth found. When the surface of the lake is still, it reflects the stars.  When the mind is tranquil, it reflects the nature of the soul as it is."  Meher Baba

If you are searching for books on meditation, these books offer a variety of meditations to explore on your spiritual quest:


Discourses by Meher Baba, Volume 2, 6th Ed. (pages 111-175)

MEDITATION For a New Humanity by Meher Baba

The Science of Meditation by Torkum Saraydarian